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When a data breach occurs, quick action is important to help restore the public’s confidence if your a business victimized by a cyber attack. Cyber liability insurance and data breach insurance from The Hartford helps cover costs like notification, identity protection solutions, public relations, legal, liability and more depending on the coverage you choose. A representative from The Hartford can help you find the cyber security coverage that is right for your company. To mitigate the risk of civil litigation and other penalties when a data loss or theft occurs, a cyber liability or data breach insurance policy from The Hartford can provide access to professional assistance to help businesses comply with applicable laws and regulations.... Read More
Due to the complexity of the insurance industry and the endless sea of bad insurance advice available online, it can be very difficult for insurance customers to determine what is truth, and what is fiction. Over our years in business we have heard pretty much everything. So in an effort to shed light on some common misconceptions, we have put together a list of common mistakes plaguing the insurance industry. ... Read More