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Your Customer Experience Redefined

Have you ever recommended “your guy” to a friend or colleague? You know, the honest auto mechanic you have been going to for years. The expert attorney who’s more concerned about your wellbeing than billable hours. That professional you have you built a true report with. How about your insurance agent? Are they recommendable?

Not so long ago insurance was selected based on the agent and company’s reputation for reliability, professionalism, and knowledge. While obtaining a policy took some time, there was a deeper level of understanding and customization that went into the process. Once a policy was constructed, a professional respect existed between client and agent.

While this mentality is still alive today, we only see glimpses.

Today’s advancements in technology have greatly changed the client/agent relationship. Now insurance can be obtained in few moments and most agents are websites or call centers made up of countless employees. While heavy on convenience, it’s often lite on substance. Little is known about the policies and companies as the focus is most often on rate above all else.

Such a dramatic difference can often leave people asking for a better solution. Why can’t you have the accountability of one dedicated professional and all the convenience of technology? That’s The Insurance Loft difference.
The Insurance Loft model is simple. People need to understand insurance in a way that is convenient for them. To make this possible, years have been spent analyzing the insurance market, insurance companies, and available technology. All done with the goal of providing clients with convenient and unbiased information about the inner workings of the insurance industry.

At The Insurance Loft, we do not work for insurance companies, we work for our clients.

This fact alone allows our clients to obtain honest, unfiltered information regarding their insurance. Not company jargon designed to favor an insurance company. We understand the importance of insurance and are reestablishing the professionalism and accountability that has been lost in today’s market place. Each client at The Insurance Loft is paired with an insurance professional whom they will have direct access to at all times.

Once paired, it is the agent’s duty to analyze each client’s specific situation and engineer an insurance package created for them and their insurance need. This package will be written with an insurance company that has been hand selected by The Insurance Loft. Only companies of the highest caliber and claims handling quality are offered.

But it doesn’t stop there. As we realize people today live busy lives, The Insurance Loft is built to accommodate. All interaction with The Insurance Loft can be done at our client’s convenience. We are a completely paperless organization that offers a wide array of features to manage your insurance needs. From client log in portals and (link) online quoting, to e-signatures and video conferencing. Our goal is to remind people how important insurance coverage is, while offering the most accommodating environment available for our clients.

The Insurance Loft has grown to offer insurance products in 33 states across America. This was accomplished by focusing on the importance of insurance coverage and offering our clients the consideration they deserve. The success of The Insurance Loft is driven by one goal. To be the insurance agency you can recommend.