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The Insurance Loft is headquartered in the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado, providing insurance protection to individuals, businesses and enterprise across 33 states. We represent multiple insurance carriers to offer specific policy protection and eliminate coverage gaps. That means The Insurance Loft Agents work for the Customer, you, not for the Insurance Carrier. This approach gives each customer expanded and improved options when electing coverage. Allowing us to provide you a well-structured, personalized coverage that protects you better than a generic approach of single-carrier agencies.

Commercially, The Insurance Loft is your one stop resource for technology based business. From website design to software development, we are a leading insurer to this growing market place. Sharing your passion for technological advances, we have developed our agency to not only to educate, but to streamline the process of insuring your business. Being amongst one of the first agencies to make technology business one of primary focuses, we have been able to identify several coverage gaps in this market and find the solutions to correct them.

Our advanced online presence is our way of assisting you 24/7, providing streamlined answers to customer’s questions and responding in real-time to ever-changing insurance needs and requests. We’re never more than a keystroke away; you can access your policies online on our site from any time zone at every hour when you need to.

No amount of insurance or bond will replace the inconvenience of a loss. But having the right coverage in place before an incident will contain any loss from becoming a financial detriment.

The Insurance Loft is the right partner to have on your team. We’ll handle the insurance so that you can get back to what matters most.